Friday, March 9, 2012

Daily Update of March 8th, 2012

As of 3/9/2012
What I've Added
  • Bubbles which float up and pop when you click them
  • A geyser which emits bubbles in a variety of sequences
  • More interesting sequence for emitting food from the volcano, as opposed to emitting all the food at once
  • A specific food type and different particle effects for the volcano
  • A minnow fish to act as a feeder fish for the predator
  • A high priced exotic fish, temporarily named the Clown Fish
  • Two different types of seaweed, one of which grows food to act as an additional way to feed your fish
  • Five more types of coins
  • Treasure chest, which will soon collect coins
  • Updated collision detection engine
  • Fixed predators eating objects of no hunger value, such as crabs
  • New and improved graphics!

What's To Come

  • Improved building placement scheme with some sort of "grid"
  • The ability to "design" your own structures by adding on attachments
  • Adding in the additional store screens for more buildings structures and creatures
  • The ability to knock food off of the plants

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