Saturday, March 10, 2012

Darwins Tank Meets Box2d Physics Engine

Box2d in all it's glory
I've implemented Box2d Physics Engine into my game, and a temporary way to attach game objects to physics objects. Box2d opens a lot of doors for this game, hopefully I will be able to make some interesting structures using the engine.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Daily Update of March 8th, 2012

As of 3/9/2012
What I've Added
  • Bubbles which float up and pop when you click them
  • A geyser which emits bubbles in a variety of sequences
  • More interesting sequence for emitting food from the volcano, as opposed to emitting all the food at once
  • A specific food type and different particle effects for the volcano
  • A minnow fish to act as a feeder fish for the predator
  • A high priced exotic fish, temporarily named the Clown Fish
  • Two different types of seaweed, one of which grows food to act as an additional way to feed your fish
  • Five more types of coins
  • Treasure chest, which will soon collect coins
  • Updated collision detection engine
  • Fixed predators eating objects of no hunger value, such as crabs
  • New and improved graphics!

What's To Come

  • Improved building placement scheme with some sort of "grid"
  • The ability to "design" your own structures by adding on attachments
  • Adding in the additional store screens for more buildings structures and creatures
  • The ability to knock food off of the plants

Friday, March 2, 2012

Daily Update of March 2nd, 2012

I have been mostly working on user interface, and a little bit on the features. I added in a slide in info pane when you select an object, the purpose of this will be to give information about said object, and upgrades or other options when appropriate. For example, structures upon selection will all give the option to move placement.
I have also added in five different types of foods you can upgrade to in the shop, each one with it's own texture size and stats.

Soon To Come
In the near future, I plan on fixing up the building placement, a long with general cleaning up of code. I also will be adding bubbles as eye candy.