Monday, May 14, 2012

Start of Summer Update

Much of the game is coming to fruition, the building creation system is nearly complete, I have finished the "auxiliary" menu which appears when structures or creatures are selected, and I have begun implementing a save system (finally!) using Gson. Gson is a fantastic google project used to convert Java Objects (and primitives) into Json and back in a very intuitive fashion. 

Much of the AI is coming to terms, a couple last bits of refactoring is needed then it just needs to be flushed out. In particular the happiness attribute of creatures need to be implemented.
My hopes are to raise enough money to pay for some kick-ass art. 

I'm planning on working towards setting up a Kickstarter soonIf that falls through, I plan on honing my photoshop skills a whip up some reasonable art assets. 

On another note, the sound is currently in progress. My good friend Nate Manuel (who has been with me on this project since day one) has created an ambient styled track for the music, and will be creating all of the sound effects. I'll throw up the ambient track here later in the week when I take some time off of programming.

All in all, I believe the game is on time to be released when school is back in session. Happy Mothers Day to all!

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