Thursday, February 23, 2012

Darwin's Aquarium Current Progress

Darwin's Aquarium as of Febuarary 23rd 2012

Darwin's Aquarium Current Progress

As of this very moment, I have implemented the following:
  • Swimming and schooling behavior at run time.
  • Basic crawler behavior (like my crabs?)
  • Rudimentary predator behavior
  • Seeking coin and food/prey behavior, along with eating/collecting.
  • Growth of creatures in the tank.
  • Collecting of coins, and a basic keyboard interface to spend the coins.
  • Food dropping, and food movement.
What's To Come Soon
  • Improved crawler and predator behavior
  • Rudimentary structure code
  • Change the score font to be more decorative
  • Achievements 
  • Random events occurring in the behavior to give more depth

I'm hoping to find a little bit of time in my week to keep a documentation of my progress, so check back for more soon!

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