Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome To My Game Dev Blog

I have been programming since I could read in one form or another. I started my adventures with a WYSIWYG game maker, Multi Media Fusion, or MMF for short. Being the entrepreneurial kid I was, me and my good friends at the time decided in middle school that we should make video games.

Several poor games came out of the result, including an early prototype to the game I am currently working on, Darwin's Aquarium (at the time it was labeled Fish Feeder though.)

This brings me where I am today, still making the video game I conceptualized during 7th grade English classes.

What Is Darwin's Aquarium?
Darwin's Aquarium is a highly interactive aquarium simulation for Android. Raise your fish to a ripe age, collect a variety of coins and rare gems, and complete achievements to get further rewards. Buy structures and plants and customize your tank!

Contact Me!
Up for collaboration? Be it testing, game design, graphics, sound or programming, contact me at

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